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The Brand


At Status Quo, we are the embodiment of this famous thought.

What began in 1998 with a collection of T-shirts has grown into a Fashion Statement for youth. Status Quo is committed to deliver the best designed quality products, creating worlds and inviting people to take part in our dream.

With availability in various large format stores, online stores, multi-brand stores, exclusive brand- stores and with an expansion in Dubai, Status Quo is now available to its valued customers all across.

With continuous innovation, value additions at each level and total Quality Management Status Quo provides Value and comfort to its esteemed clientele.

Today Status Quo is known amongst youth as a fashion statement.

Back when all this started, we felt sure that there were no boundaries. We are even more-sure of that today.


To create an aspirational
global fashion brand from India.


At Status Quo we are:

Team Spirit
Customer Oriented


Tarvinder Arora is the Chairman & Director at Status Quo, he’s the one who gave Status Quo a face. In 1998, while helping his parents in their family business, he came up with the idea of this clothing line, casual fashion tees for boys. In those days he single handedly pulled off the brand manufacturing, marketing & distribution of Status Quo products in and around Mumbai. Personally Tarvinder concerns himself more with getting people to do what they are passionate about and putting them in the right context or setting. As he believes, they are the ones who help build the brand.

Note from his desk:
At Status Quo, we have always strived to get the working culture right, which helped us with aspects like brand building and delivering the very best customer service, to take care of itself.


Bobby always says, “People make Fashion and not vice versa”. Everyone involved in the process make fashion more complete better than a single individual. Thus even after being the Director at Status Quo, Bobby himself takes collaborative effort at each level to achieve the results you see in our collection. From designing to marketing today, every single detail needs his attention and approval.

Note from his desk:
We consistently try to fill the need to stand out from the competition. We create a collection for what I wanted to wear & found that there was a dearth of it in the market. Our collection always delivers in terms of design and function at the right price.